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Cutting-Edge VR/AR Display Technologies

(Gaze-, Accommodation-, Motion-aware and HDR-enabled)

Koulieris, G.A., Aksit, K., Richardt, C., Mantiuk, R., Mania, K.

Near-eye (VR/AR) displays suffer from technical, interaction as well as visual quality issues which hinder their commercial potential. This tutorial will deliver an overview of cutting-edge VR/AR display technologies, focusing on technical, interaction and perceptual issues which, if solved, will drive the next generation of display technologies. The most recent advancements in near-eye displays will be presented providing (i) correct accommodation cues, (ii) near-eye varifocal AR, (iii) high dynamic range rendition, (iv) gaze-aware capabilities, either predictive or based on eye-tracking as well as (v) motion-awareness. Future avenues for academic and industrial research related to the next generation of AR/VR display technologies will be analyzed. pdf


Session 1: Introduction & Multi-focal displays, George-Alex Koulieris, pdf

Session 2: Optics, Kaan Aksit, pdf

Session 3: High dynamic range in VR, Rafal Mantiuk, pdf

Session 4: Gaze-aware displays, Katerina Mania, pdf1, pdf2

Session 5: Motion-aware displays, Christian Richardt, pdf